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Get The Job


With Get the Job, you’re going to learn how to Ace the Interview, Perfect Your Pitch and Develop your Executive Presence. Welcome to Get the Job!

Module 1: Leveraging Linkedin

Navigate Linkedin like a pro to leverage connections, optimize job search, and search for your next great opportunity.

Module 2: The Importance of Mentorship

Get serious about who is on your mentorship team by getting clear what you need, getting meaningful feedback, and getting hands on experience in your industry.

Module 4: Build Your Brand

Identify your personal knowledge profile, what you want to be known for, and improve your online brand so you can promote yourself in a thoughtful and strategic way.

Module 3: Perfect Your Pitch

Learn the specific strategies to create multiple pitches for different audiences so when you meet someone new, introduce yourself to a VIP, interview for a job, or mingle over cocktails you make people love you and want to help you, or hire you.

Module 4: Walk In, Stand Out (Own the Room)

Understand how to look great by dressing the part and using your body language to help you. To sound great, and to strengthen your delivery so people take your seriously and want to hire you.

Module 5: Network...Like a Pro

Learn how to curate the connections you need to get the job by connecting on common ground, giving (instead of taking) and entering and exiting conversation gracefully.

Module 6: Ace the Interview

Put it all together and learn to ACE the Interview so you GET THE JOB. We go deep into all the practices we learn and pull them together so you interview like a pro and get the job.

There’s More…

Get The Job includes 3 month access to my private FB community where each week I’m live for 30 minutes answering your biggest questions in real time. (Valued at $237) This means you’re basically getting the course for free!

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