Want to become better at your job and like your job more? Then we might just become your new best friend… BeGOTJ Online will transform your career by giving you concrete tools and strategies to become more confident, more productive and more engaged at work!


BeGreatOnTheJob Online (BeGOTJ) is online learning at it’s best— a self-paced crash course in professional success that will speed your time to excellence in any organization. Looking to stand out at work? Build your network? Make great impressions? Get the right assignments? Make your boss love you? You've come to the right place.

Why It Works

For more than a decade, we’ve worked with the world’s leading brands to train their brightest young talent. LinkedIn, Abbott, JP Morgan, Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg—to name a few— all trust us to develop their next-generation talent.

In 2017, we took all that we’ve learned from working with our amazing clients and partnered with Pearson Education, the worlds’ leading learning organization, to design an online course just for you.



How it Works   

Mobile.  Social.  Bite Sized.  Gamified.  Six weeks of learning on an interactive platform.   And it’s sticky—meaning that our strategies will stay with you long after you logged off…  

  • Week 1: Start and End Strong ( Master the Hello / Goodbye  &  Foolproof  Download )
  • Week 2: Ask for Help  & Ask for Feedback
  • Week 3: Stay out of Trouble (Manage Expectations / Push Back / Raise a Red Flag)
  • Week 4: Own the Room
  • Week 5: Promote Yourself—Networking and Brand Building
  • Week 6: Create Career Opportunities with the LEARN strategy
  • The GOTJ Communications workshop is a total game-changer. GOTJ is the only outside vendor we use in our early-in-career program. Why? Because they deliver the most impactful and highest rating training session we have.
    — Karen Borsetti, Global Head of Business Leadership Program, LinkedIn

    It’s time to become Great on the Job!