How it Works   

Mobile.  Social.  Bite Sized.  Gamified.  Ten+ hours of content on an interactive platform.   And it’s sticky—meaning that our strategies will stay with you long after you logged off…  

  • Module 1: Start and End Strong ( Master the Hello / Goodbye  &  Foolproof  Download )
  • Module 2: Ask for Help  & Ask for Feedback
  • Module 3: Stay out of Trouble (Manage Expectations / Push Back / Raise a Red Flag)
  • Module 4: Own the Room
  • Module 5: Promote Yourself—Networking and Brand Building
  • Module 6: Grow Your Career by getting the work you want (& need)
  • The GOTJ Communications workshop is a total game-changer. GOTJ is the only outside vendor we use in our early-in-career program. Why? Because they deliver the most impactful and highest rating training session we have.
    — Karen Borsetti, Global Head of Business Leadership Program, LinkedIn